The Gladys Fund was created in 2014 and is funded by The BAGS Foundation and several corporate sponsors. This fund targets students that need help to increase their ability to be successful at the High School/College level.  These educational funds are intended to help pay tuition, buy school supplies or any related cost that will help them succeed and grow as students. There is no GPA or grade requirement, as each student’s needs are assessed on a case by case basis. This fund is intended for students that need to gain a better understanding of study habits, test taking skills and the work ethic required to succeed academically at the high school/college levels. Our goal with this fund is to reach kids from different backgrounds and circumstances, therefore, in its simplest form, The Gladys Fund aims to motivate and inspire the next generation of leaders, with an emphasis on the African American community.

In keeping the mission and core values of the Gladys Fund at the fore front, we aim to be socially aware of the issues that face our society relative to the African American population and their place in the world that we live. With that being stated, The Gladys Fund is extending its services to assist young men/women of our choice and assist them financially provided that they pursue to earn a degree.

The West/Moorer family is inspired with knowing that these financial gifts will be a blessing and will help them succeed in their academic endeavors.

Dwayne M. West

The BAGS Foundation

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