About the Bags Foundation

The general activity of the foundation is to provide disadvantaged youth with enhanced educational opportunities.  These opportunities will be provided through activities including but not limited to, Health and physical education, academic tutoring, cultural enrichment, and exposure to arts and broadcasting.

Our focus is to teach life skills, provide academic enrichment, and create life-altering opportunities for all who participate in the Foundation’s programs. The Foundation’s holistic approach will assist the beneficiaries in becoming well-rounded adults by encouraging them to pursue their passions and teaching them how to commit to the hard work necessary to become a successful individual in today’s competitive environment.  The Foundation expects student’s involvement in academics educational activities, physical conditioning and artistic expression will lead to greater classroom achievement, increased graduation rates, and enhanced college opportunities for the participants through increased skills, confidence, character and self discipline.

The Foundation’s goal is to provide opportunities to disadvantaged youth through participation in categories that we call BAGS.


The first bag is Academic achievement and enrichment. Included in this are our peer and adult mentoring program, tutoring participation via Acquilla McCoy – Our Efforts United, and our SAT prep classes via NCCU Retired Professor Dr. Joseph Aicher.

Our second BAG is Cultural enrichment and Behavioral management. Included in this BAG is the EYE Choose Not To Abstinence Program via Family Resource Center which provides participants with the skills to prevent teen pregnancy, drug abuse, gang membership etc. Participants also benefit from lectures from successful community members and exposure to historical sites via field trips to such sites as the Civil Rights museum at the Lorraine Hotel, the Little Rock Nine Museum, and the Smithsonian Institute.

Our third BAG is Arts and Broadcasting. Our home facility is named after the first African American Radio broadcaster and prominent activist in our community Mr. J.D. Lewis. Included in this bag is our partnership with SPOT (Stimulating Processes of Thought), Breath To Think TV, and The Visual Artist Realm.  These organizations foster the development and provide a forum for visual and vocal artistic expression. Participants in these programs get exposed to spoken word, painting, and TV broadcasting training.

Our final BAG is Health and fitness. Participants in this program receive education in physical conditioning and nutrition through our partnership with Hyman Pro fitness.  BAGS Foundation has also recently partnered with The Winners Circle providing leadership training and counseling services and The Black Achievers program comprised of Professional African Americans in the community providing guidance and counseling. Many of the organization’s participants are from poorer communities in the Southeast Raleigh, North Carolina area, but have recently expanded to reach as far as the Beaufort and Nash county areas of North Carolina.

Your donation will help improve the program.  It will also supply the Kids with awesome snacks while improving their life skills.
B.AG.S. needs your help to continue our mission of preparing kids for life.  Thanks.